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5 Ways to boost WFH productivity

Working from home can be great… right up until the cat breaks your laptop, or your neighbours decide to kickstart their week of DIY. For many of us, working from home is second nature. In fact, we don’t really think about it anymore, we’re just happy that the kitchen is nearby for daily snacks.

But for those unfamiliar with working from home – especially since COVID19 has caused some major disruptions for office workers – it can be difficult to keep your productivity up. In the office, it’s easier to stay focused, feeling that communal obligation to get work done.

When you feel the need for a little kick, check out my 5 top tips to boost your WFH productivity, whether you’re wearing PJs or not…

1. Get cracking early.

For most, your morning commute is the time when you wake up before fully kicking yourself into work mode. However, at home, the distance from your pillow to desk can be a hell of a lot shorter, making it tricky to shake off that bed-brain. One way to work productively from home is to get started early, if you start off productive it’ll help you keep making progress throughout the day. So, dive into that to-do list straight away (with your morning coffee of course).

2. Dress like you’re going to work.

As tempting as it may be to slob around in your PJs and slippers, a freelancer friend once said to me: “Put a pair of shoes on while you work at home, it’ll make you feel like you’re in work mode.” And it’s so true. Get ready for the day ahead as though you’re going to work – Set an alarm, make a coffee and dress as though you’re going into the office.

Especially if you’re likely to have a video call with your clients or colleagues… They may not appreciate your fluffy PJs.

3. Stay structured.

When working from home, you’re your own manager. While it can be easy to lose focus or just check social media, ya know, incase – to be productive you need to keep to a schedule. Break up your day with tasks and create reminders for yourself so you know when to shift your focus.

4. Don’t be afraid to get out the house.

While the pandemic currently allows only necessary shopping or exercise, be sure to get your mind away from your desk for your lunch break. Pre-COVID19, a great tip is to take your office elsewhere: coffee shops, libraries, public lounges, that kind of thing. During the pandemic, be sure to use your lunch break to stretch your legs, don’t be tempted to sit at your desk and cruise Facebook.

5. Use technology to stay in touch.

Working away from the office can make you feel a little cut off, and that’s understandable – whether it be your general office atmosphere you’re missing, your colleagues or even clients. But don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and discuss things (hopefully work!) with your colleagues, or use tools such as Slack to message and discuss tasks throughout the day.

How can I help?

Are you currently working from home? COVID19 has caused a lot of disruption for many businesses, pushing workers that would otherwise be in-office to work remotely.

If you’re a business owner, now could be the time to conduct crucial maintenance on your website, work on your marketing strategy or create those landing pages you’ve been putting off. Get in touch to find out how I can help make these things happen.

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