Dr Pawpaw Instagram GIFs

Dr Pawpaw original balm

Project details:

GIFs for Instagram stories

The client:

Dr Pawpaw are a totally vegan and cruelty free beauty brand, offering (absolutely amazing, I’ve tested them!) lip balms, lip scrubs and more.

Instagram GIFs:

For my work with Dr Pawpaw I was supplied a list of products they needed developed into GIFs for use with their Instagram stories – This brief specified the motion that was needed (applying lip balm with fingertip etc), the use of a ‘watermark’ in each corner and an image of each product to work from.

With great success, I created 20 separate GIFs and they requested I continue working with them by creating a Christmas card and new animated email signature.

Dr Pawpaw everybody wash gif
Dr Pawpaw christmas card
Dr pawpaw original gif
Dr pawpaw eyebrow gif

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