GFW Lucy Spraggan Interview


Project details:

Interview + Article

The client:

Gender Free World is a clothing company focused on redefining how we choose clothing – Their strapline ‘Clothing without labels’ says it all.

Interview + Article:

Having interviewed Lucy Spraggan previously for another publication, I offered the same idea to GFW to promote one of their most recent shirts.

You can find the original article on their website, download the PDF or read the interview below.

GFW Chats to Lucy Spraggan

If Lucy Spraggan doesn’t pay attention to the section of the store she shops in; why should you?

Whether you’re a long term fan or you’ve recently been hooked by ‘Dear You’, Lucy Spraggan holds a special place in hearts the world over. We caught the incredibly talented (and well dressed) musician for a quick fashion Q&A…

How’re you feeling the penguin shirt?

It’s a very cool design. I love that there are different shapes for different people. This is a ‘Charlie’ and it fits absolutely great.

Credit: Instagram @lspraggan 

How would you best describe your style?

Most of time I look like I found my clothes in a bin, but when I’m feeling nice I’ll wear a nice suit (LOVE King and Allen’s bespoke suits), a nice watch and leather shoes.

Do you prefer the look and/or comfort of ‘men’s’ or ‘women’s’ clothes?

It depends what you mean by ‘men’ and ‘women’s’ clothes. 

I don’t wear men’s trousers, suits, or shirts (used to wear men’s shirts), as they don’t fit properly, but will buy a men’s leather jacket or bomber (or anything, really) if it looks good. I wear unisex t-shirts too. 

I don’t pay much attention to which part of the store I’m shopping in; if it looks good I’ll whack it on.

Do you have any style ‘icons’ as such?

Not really. Love Conor Mcgregor’s style though. 

Anyone that gives you fashion envy even?

I love bespoke suits, I love to admire the designs and material people pick. 

When you’re touring, do you pick style over comfort? 

When I’m touring I often wear what’s clean!

Do you think you dress any differently than you did before the X Factor?

Not really. I did for a bit when I was working with Columbia – I had a stylist who kind of put more emphasis on colour and patterns but didn’t stray too much from what I wore before. 

I haven’t really changed a lot, apart from my eyebrows. 

What is your favourite item of clothing that you couldn’t do without?

I’m in love with GDL grey trackies at the moment and I wear them all the time! 

I have a few cool RTC tees that are super comfy too.

Thanks for that Lucy, have a good tour. Lucy’s new Album ‘I hope you don’t mind me writing’ is out now.